Swimming Group Timetables

The swim school operates in term-time only.

Queen’s College Pool

Queen’s College, Taunton: Saturdays

Time Group Duration
12:00PM Beginners 1 30 minutes
12:30PM Beginners 1 30 minutes
1:00PM Beginners 2 30 minutes
1:30PM Intermediate 1 30 minutes
2:00PM Intermediate 2 30 minutes
2:30PM Advanced 1 1 hour
3:30PM Advanced 2 1 hour

Queen’s College, Taunton: Sundays

Time Group Duration
9:30AM Beginners 1 30 minutes
10:00AM Beginners 2 30 minutes
10:30AM Aqua Tots 30 minutes
11:00AM Advanced 1 30 minutes

Wellington School Pool

Wellington School: Thursdays

Time Group Duration
5:00PM Beginners 30 minutes
5:30PM Beginners 30 minutes
6:00PM Beginners 30 minutes
6:30PM Intermediate 1 30 minutes

Pricing Information

Become a member of Aqua Swim School for just £20.00 per child per month. Your membership fee includes 36 lessons per year (£6.66 per lesson). Get your first lesson free by entering your details on the right and joining our VIP club. There is no obligation to undertake further lessons.

One-to-One Lessons

The swim school also offers one-to-one lessons for students. Lessons are £15 per hour. Contact us to find out more.